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Sweet November

I will now recite for you a wonderful poem.


Sweet November they say you’re wintery and gray

And yet this love that you bring is sweeter than spring and warmer than May

Come December when our November is through

We’ll face the winter and smile, for you know I’ll be staying with you

When we remember November’s sunshine we wont mind December’s rain

For us it will be like Sweet November again/

1,000 Novembers for as long as they last


Rise up! or Sit down…

The thing about the Turkish people standing up against their dim witted, ill guided government that scares the leaders of the major world powers is the realization that it will provide those who pay attention. People will begin to realize that the argument of “but that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing I can do about it” is inconsistent with the many instances in the world where the ordinary people of a society have stood up against the overwhelming force of a corrupt and unjust political system.

Every morning we would prefer to return to sleep instead of waking up because sleeping feels so good. Sleeping feels good until it’s 2 in the afternoon and you have no choice but to wake up and you realize that you’ve spent your entire day dreaming. If you’ve ever woken up early on a day where you didn’t have to you’ll know how much more satisfying being awake for a full Sun cycle is then not.

Wake up please. There’s work to do.

Side note: in case you’re aloof here is a look at some of the people who died this week in Syria while you were sleeping.

So the thing about the Turkish people standing up against their government is that we should all always do it. We are the police of our governing bodies. If they get out of line we should give them a ticket. If they blatantly break our laws we should take them to the ground and put our knees in their necks. Hey I learn from the finest.

Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said: good article dwayne, but puleeze oh puleeze do not use apostrophes [not apostrophe's] for plurals. i know a blog is a quick write, but good publication needs good proof-reading too :-)

Thanks! I’ll make sure to keep my punctuation tighter in the future!


Sweden is burning - Young people riot over income inequality and structural racism

For the better part of the last week there have been riots going on in Swedish suburbs.  Angry Swedish people rioted this week in protest of the economic situation in the country.  The riots, which were focused in suburbs outside of Stockholm, spread to other cities in the country within days.


These riots aren’t just about immigrants as the popular narrative might have you believe.  It’s more of a class war.  The kids of the lower class in the country are fed up with the structural racism, lost benefits, economic inequality, and the rising cost of housing that has become synonymous with many European cities over the past few years.  Sweden is the most recent European country to be hit with class war fueled riots (see England and Greece in recent years).

More confusing with the immigrant narrative is the fact that many of the young anarchists rioting are in fact Swedish born and not immigrants at all.  I use the word anarchist in its original meaning - one who feels the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful.


If a multi-day riot in one of a country’s biggest cities isn’t damaging enough the Swedish police force received unwanted help from Neo Nazi groups who assigned themselves the task of saving Sweden from the “immigrant uprising.”

In case you weren’t sure why Nazi groups hate immigrants I’ll break it down for you.  Here’s my expert analysis. Nazi’s hate people who aren’t exactly like them because Nazi’s are ignorant scum.  You’re welcome. 


So the police force had not only to deal with the angry dissenters of the lower class who were finally rising up seeking equality; they had also to deal with self-righteous people hating Nazi’s who used this uprising as an excuse to perform the evil deeds in the name of justice.  Hmm, quite a pickle Sweden’s finest were in.

There was even a Swedish report of members of the Nazi group molesting an immigrant child who was on crutches.  I’m not sure how that helps the situation Mr. Nazi man, but I digress.

The riots have cooled down now and the city is attempting to repair the relationship with its citizens.  Leave it to good people to offer peace in the wake of devastation.  People started trading in their throwing stones for hot dogs as cooler heads prevailed.  My Swedish insider reported this, “Today they organized a huge barbecue in one of the suburbs, some soccer pros were there to play with the kids, big rappers performed etc.” she said.

Good will and positivity is much needed in times of turmoil, but there is still a huge issue of inequality looming over the conservative ruling party of Sweden.  The problem won’t go away with barbecues and picnics.  Real economic reform is needed not just in Sweden but in the entire world.  There is no reason that more than half of the worlds population live on less than $2.50/day while there are people who can throw away 2million dollars without batting an eyelash (Hey 1% how you been?).

The solution is simple really.  Be the change you want to see in the world. If you have a lot then give some to someone who has nothing so that we can all have something.  No one should have to starve when we have enough food spoiling in our fridges each year to feed an entire family.  We are all the same. 


A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money" W.C. Fields


Here are some articles/sources from Laaame Stream Media news outlets for you to check out if you want more information on the events of this past week. -









The final piece of the spire at One World Trade Center is lifted into place in New York, May 10, 2013. The tower now rises to a symbolic 1776 feet, making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. INSIDER IMAGES/Gary He (UNITED STATES)

To license these images and more, click here.

Beautiful skyline.

I love New York!

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Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that your brief Occupy video gave me chills. We need this movement back. I think it dissipated because of an organizational problem and the 'diversity of tactics' which alienated so many. I have truly had to grieve this movement no longer being such a force. So what do we do now?

Hey thank you Anonymous. The movement is still here. It always lived in different forms around the globe and it still does.  The organizational issue was us not wanting to become like the fascists who we opposed.  Thus diversity of tactics and other contradictory methods of protests were tolerated.  As far as what we do now. I think we continue doing individually what we think needs to be done to eliminate poverty and apply resistance to oppressive governments (governments in the US or abroad).  If we are being the change we want to see then sooner rather than later we’ll all come together and have an even stronger movement than before.


Give me liberty or give me… Money?

Remember when people fought to the death for freedom?  Like literally, people died trying to become free.

Slaves fought for freedom in the U.S. 

Slave fighting off slave owner hunt dog

The U.S. fought for freedom from the UK.

The British are coming!

and Palestine fought for liberty from Israel.

Wait I mean Israel fought to be liberated from Palestine?

Does that kid have a toy gun??? (O)_(O)  Well I have no idea why they are fighting in Israel/Palestine but that’s a conversation for another day.

There are people around the world fighting that same battle to free themselves from oppression right now.

History books would tell us our ancestors fought valiantly for a few simple unifying causes.  Liberty.  Freedom.  Justice.  Human rights… For All.  It’s true that some of the true catalysts for past wars may have been lost in translation or altered so I’m only going off of what has been passed down.  What I do know about current international relations is that human rights and liberty are usually at the bottom of the list or tangled somewhere in the middle next to natural resources and a chance to spread our [U.S.] influence.

Some people may be rattling off examples in their heads of nations whose people still have that fighters spirit in them.  Nations that come to mind for me are Congo, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Lebanon, South Yemen and Egypt just to name a few.  Some of my fondest memories in the past few years are being at the Egypt rallies outside the Egyptian consulate chanting “Free Free Egypt!” and something else in Arabic which I don’t remember what it was.

My issue: how can the U.S. as a nation sit back and fight this “War on Terror” (which is bullshit mind you) while so much of the world is in actual turmoil.  A pissing match with North Korea because they are building an Army too close to a country where the US has a stronghold is hardly a noble cause.

AMERICA (cue our theme song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R5A0pg4oN8)

Many Americans don’t see the purpose in helping out the people of these nations in turmoil.  Many Americans say the U.S. needs to mind it’s own business etc etc.  Even people from these oppressed nations say the US army is not welcome. I say if there are people getting killed for speaking their minds and expressing dissent anywhere in the world that becomes the entire worlds problem.  The people of these nations aren’t rejecting the US’s help they are rejecting the stipulations that come with it.  Stipulations like puppet regimes and assimilating to the American way of living life.

Whether most people agree or disagree they’re too busy to do anything about it.  They have to feed their families.  They have to get paper. They gots ta get paid and that shit that’s happening in Syria crazy but it’s too far away to affect them.

Somewhere along the way the U.S. went from liberty and justice for all to liberty and justice for people who make 100K or more a year. 

Somewhere along the way Americans stopped giving a damn about the rest of the world and got comfortable inside of their safe bubbles in paradise.  Give me liberty or give me… wait my 401k is rebounding I don’t wanna die yet, just give me some more money and I’ll shut up.

Next time I’m out there on the streets protesting an injustice and someone asks me why I’m protesting I’m going to say “You’re right. We live in a fair and just world where everyone on this planet is given an equal opportunity.  There is no person suffering right now.”

Ladies and gentlemen ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance is ignorance and bliss does not exist outside of your mind.